Cover Letter for Candidates

Dear Candidate,

The Young Democrats of Allegheny County is an official affiliate of the Democratic Party. We are committed to the engagement of young people in the community and involvement in the political process through campaign work, hosting workshops, networking events, encouraging young people to run for office, and working for them when they do.

In 2019, we hosted our first candidate recommendation in the primary election because we think it is important to provide a space for young voters to get to know candidates and give candidates a forum in which to listen and respond to our needs and policy interests. We are dramatically underrepresented in the committee endorsement process when compared to the larger electorate, and we wanted to help serve as a channel for campaigns who aligned with the values of our membership to provide support in a meaningful way. We were proud that in its inaugural year, all twelve of our recommended candidates won both primary and general elections.

The recommendation questionnaire for the 2020 election cycle is now open. We invite you to complete the attached form to seek our recommendation. Ahead of the Allegheny County Democratic Committee endorsement in February, we will identify Democratic primary candidates who reflect the values of our membership and the future of our party. This brief, open-ended survey allows candidates to communicate with our members their vision for their candidacy.

The candidate forum will be February 2, 2020 at the Pittsburgh Fire Fighters Local 1 (120 Flowers Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15207). Following completion of the survey, you will be invited to speak to YDAC membership with a chance to answer questions. After this, a vote will be taken by the membership for the candidate recommendation.  

Young Democrats of Allegheny County is chartered by both the Pennsylvania Young Democrats and the Allegheny County Democratic Committee. As such, we abide by the bylaws of each organization. This survey is for a recommendation by YDAC, and therefore, a reflection of what active young Democrats are looking for in their elected officials. This process in no way supersedes the official endorsement process by the Allegheny Democratic Committee. However, regardless of the outcome of that endorsement process, our recommendations will stand, and our commitment to our candidates will remain steadfast.

Democratically yours,
The Young Democrats of Allegheny County



Candidate Application


Member Voting

All dues paying members will be welcome to vote in-person or online. Check back here for more details about Facebook Live Streaming of the Candidate Forum and for a live link that will be opened for voting during the Candidate Forum.


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